The Hair Cut, How to get a perfect haircut and hairstyle

The Hair Cut, How to get a perfect haircut and hairstyle

The basis of any hair style is a good haircut and without this investment all the styling aids in the world would not enable you to achieve lasting results.
perfect hair cutHair growths varies over different parts of the head. This is why your hair cut can appear out of shape very quickly. As a general rule, a short, precision cut needs trimming every four weeks, a longer style every six to eight weeks. Even if your want to grow your hair long it is essential to have it trimmed regularly - at least every three months to prevent splitting and keep ends even.

Cutting Techniques for a Perfect Hair Cut

Many different hair cutting techniques are used now a days. Hairdressers use a variety of techniques and tools to make hair appear thicker, fuller, straighter or curlier, whatever the desired effect. The techniques and tools they use are explained below -

Blunt Hair Cutting

Blunt Hair Cutting in which the ends are cut straight across, is often used for hair of one length. The weight and fullness of the hair is distributed around the perimeter of the shape. Blunt cutting or scissor under comb is used for developing strong outline shapes. Often this is followed by point tapering where the scissor points are clipped into the hair to thin sections and reduce weight.


Clippers are used for close-cut styles and sometimes to finish a cut. Shaved clipper cuts are popular with teenagers.


Graduated Hair is cut at an angle to give fullness on top and bland the top hair into shorter lengths at the nape. Graduating means developing weight along a specific line taking into account the natural hair growth patterns and movement.


Layering the hair evenly distributes the weight and fullness, giving a round appearance to the style. It removes weight and heaviness from hair.
Slide cutting thins the hair. Scissors are used in a sliding action, backwards and forwards along the hair length. This technique is often done when the hair is dry.

Razor Cutting

Razor Cutting creates softness, tapering, and internal movement so that the hair moves freely. It can also be used to shorten hair. Razor Cutting is used to create softness to any haircut and it is either used on its own or in conjuction with scissors.
Thining, either with thining scissors or a razor, removes bulk and weight without affecting the overall length of the hair.
Texturizing means chipping into ends to create texture in specific areas to build up or remove weight.

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