Gwen Stefani ~ 'Love Angel Music Baby'

Since 2004, pop rock chic Gwen Stefani has been designing clothes to suit herself and not the general public under the designer name label 'L.A.M.B.' which stands for 'Love Angel Music Baby'.  She fashions her pieces after her own unique look and personality and has no regard for what the general population thinks about them as she has been quoted for sayings..."Fashion is not something you should take as super deep, it should just be an expression of yourself, it's  just clothes, it's just fun"...  

She started her band 'No Doubt' when she was 17 and shortly thereafter had a desire to create her own styles because after all, music and fashion usually go hand in hand.  She didn't know how to sew but used a glue gun and velcro in an attempt to make things work.

She admits she has no technical qualifications to design clothes and has no problem confessing that she will never be Vivienne Westwood.  Her desire to design simply comes from having a knack or a vibe for what seems right at the time she's creating and her lack of a 'theme' for her Fall designs seen here at Fashion Week 2011 makes that statement more than obvious.

In an interview with CNN Entertainment, Gwen did say that the honest reason behind her starting her L.A.M.B. fashion line, close to a decade ago was due in part to the realization that she didn't know if her music career would survive in terms of longevity and she knew she wanted to continue pursuing her creativity in one way or another...


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