Get the Most from a Hair Salon Appointment

Getting the Most out of Your Hair Salon Appointment is All about Communication
“Get the Most from a Fashion and Elegance on Your Next Hair Salon Visit”
Don’t go into another hair salon appointment without reading this first! If you have ever walked away from the hair salon loving your hair, only to get home and never again be able to produce the same results, then read on.
I would estimate that more than 1/3rd of hair salon clients leave the salon feeling unsatisfied or, end up being unsatisfied with their hairstyle in the long run. What causes this much dissatisfaction?  Lack of communication between client and hair stylist tops the list! Here are some suggestions from this hairstylists point of view, to better communicate your wishes with your hair stylist.
  • Getting the Most out of Your Hair Salon Appointment: The Consultation ~~During the consultation, make sure that you not only tell the hair stylist exactly how you want your hair, but show her too. Pictures say a thousand words and will help to show your hair stylist exactly what you are trying to explain. Bringing in pictures of hair colors, haircuts and hair styles that you like will help bridge the communication gap between the two of you. Flip through magazines, check out for picture ideas and ask your hair stylist to show you some hair color swatches, so that you are both on the same page during the consultation. If your hair type or ... won’t work with the hairstyle you like, your stylist will know what type of look you are going for and can show you pictures of similar alternative hairstyles.
  • Getting the Most out of Your Hair Salon Appointment: During the Appointment ~~ It is a good idea to ask your hair stylist how to keep up your hair color, haircut, and style if he/she doesn’t offer up the information. For example, I tell my clients with short hairstyles that they need to come in more often (every 4-6 weeks vs. every 6-8 weeks) to maintain their cut.
  • Getting the Most out of Your Hair Salon Appointment: The Blowout ~~ Ask your hair stylist to show you how to do a proper blowout. Your hair stylist should show you step by step how to style your hair so that you can achieve the same hair style look. If your stylist forgets to tell you, be sure to ask about the hair care products she is using as well. You will need to know what type of styling products were used to create your hairstyle, ie; gel, mousse, smoothing cream, root lifter, finishing spray, curl definer, etc. It’s important to have all the necessary tools to be able to achieve any given hair style.
Communication is key for getting the most out of your hair salon appointment. Your hair salon appointment should always start with a consultation. After a great consultation, I always know that I am giving my client what she wants. After showing her how to style her hair, I know that she’ll continue to get exactly what she wants from her hair.

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