Frizzy Hair

Frizzy Hair results from the merest hint of rain or other air moisture being absorbed into hair. It looks dry, lacks lustre and is difficult to control.

Frizzy Hair Causes

Frizzy Hair causes can be inherited or caused by rough treatments, such as too much harsh brushing or pulling the hair into rubber bands.

Frizzy Hair Solutions

When washing the hair, massage the shampoo into the roots and allow the lather to work its way to the ends. Apply a conditioner from the mid lengths of the hair to the ends.
Frizzy Hair is often best styled with a gel, which should be applied when the hair is wet. Alternatively, allow the hair to dry naturally and then style the hair using a wax or pomade. Serums can also help.
Serum effectively prevent moisture loss and inhibit the absorption of dampness from the surrounding air.

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