Faux Hawk Haircut

Faux Hawk Haircut

Often called as a copycat of the mohawk hairstyle, faux hawk takes the cake for creativity and fashion. A faux hawk haircut combines elegance and punk with rock 'n roll punk flavor and brings about a unique style for both men and women. Although a faux hawk haircut looks best with short hair, women and sometimes men, have experimented with this style on long hair. Experiment with the faux hawk haircut if you feel like introducing some edge and class to your life. Below are some tips of how to get a faux hawk haircut for men and women. You can also read about punk hairstyles here.

How to Get a Faux Hawk Haircut

  • Choose the thickness and width of your finished faux hawk before you begin. Although there are different ways of getting a faux hawk haircut, the best technique is by determining the exact area between your irises.
  • Wash your hair properly, maybe more than once, as you want to have really squeaky clean hair for the style. Air dry your hair, comb hair to take out all the knots, and use the comb to make 3 equal sections of hair. Tie the middle section with an elastic band (not scrunchy) and separate it with the other 2 sections. This middle section's thickness and width depends entirely on you.
  • A perfect faux hawk haircut looks its best with short hair, but you can get the desired style with medium, shoulder-length hair as well. If you wish to have the short faux hawk haircut, then trim some of the length.
  • Now if you want, you can shave both sides with clippers (this step works for short hair only as you won't be shaving off a lot of extra hair, works best on men). For women, you can use some styling gel and hair spray to sleek back the sides behind the ears to make the style complete.
  • Take the band off, apply some styling gel or mousse to keep them in place. You can also make spikes with the middle section to give it a defined look.
Faux Hawk Haircut for Women

Women cut their hair in various different lengths and styles. Which is why, faux hawk hairstyles for women takes a whole new level. Let's take a look at how easy getting the desired style with your new faux hawk haircut is.

Step #1: Let's assume that you have long hair (long as in, beyond shoulder level). And if you have short hair (shorter than your shoulders), then skip this section and go to the explanation given for faux hawk haircut for men. Avoid washing your hair just before styling them. When hair is soft, getting the right style gets difficult.

Step #2: Take some styling gel in your palm and rub your hands together. Apply the gel on both sides of your hair. This will help keep the faux hawk in place. With a stand-up brush, hold the top 2/3 of your hair and make a ponytail. Secure it with a band and leave the front part of hair as it is.

Step #3: Now make another ponytail directly underneath the top one with the rest of the section. Take a comb to tease the top front part of your hair to create the necessary height for the faux hawk haircut. Brush it back by smoothing the teased hair and make a little bubble on top. This will make the hair stand up and secure it with some bobby pins.

Step #4: You'll need a strong hairspray to keep the hair in place. Check if the style is what you were looking for. Here's more on punk hairstyles for girls with long hair.

Faux Hawk Haircut for Men

Personally, a faux hawk haircut looks really sexy on men. There are so many variations that can be done with the style as their hair is already short and trimmed. Take a look at how to style the faux hawk haircut for an everyday look. Read more on punk hairstyles for men.

Step #1: To start with making the faux hawk haircut with short hair, the first step will be the same as mentioned for women. For shorter hair, the styling gel used can be applied to the entire hair.

Step #2: You will use your fingers and palms of your hands to make the top middle part of your hair stand up. To make your hair look voluminous, pull it from the roots and/or tease them with a comb. The hair on each sides need to be smoothed. Just take some gel and press the hair backwards.

Step #3: Apply hairspray if needed to get small strands of hair tucked in perfectly. Use a hairspray that won't let your faux hawk fall. Read more on punk short hair.

There you have it, your faux hawk haircut is ready to be flaunted in front of people. Wear it proudly because that's the key to pulling off this style. For a fun weekend or a night in the town, faux hawk haircut sure brings some pizzazz to your attitude.

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