Dry Hair Care - Home Treatment for Dry Hair Type

Dry hair looks dull, feels dry, tangles easily and is difficult to comb or brush, particularly when it is wet. It is often quite thick at the roots but thinner and sometimes split at the ends.
Dry hair can be identified quickly by its dull, lack-lustre appearance. This is often the result of excessive perming or coloring. However sometimes it can be because the scalp has fewer oil glands than normal.

Dry Hair Causes

  • Excessive shampooing
  • overuse of heat-styling equipment
  • missuse of color or perms
  • damage from the sun
  • harsh weather conditions
Each of these factors depletes the moisture content of dry hair, so that is losses its elasticity, bounce and suppleness. Dryness can also be the result of a sebum deficiency on the hair's surface, caused by a decrease in or absence of sebaceous gland secretions.

How to treat Dry Hair

Use a nourishing shampoo and an intensive conditioner. Allow hair to dry naturally whenever possible.
Avoid the use of heated appliances and steer clear of perming or coloring for the immediate future.
Limit washing to once every four days and use a high-quality conditioner to treat dry hair problem.
Brush hair with a bristle brush to spread the naturally produced oil gently down the hair shaft.
For short term use, a spray-on shine conditioning product on dry hair will give instant sheen and a healthy looking appearance.

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