Blue Hair Dye

Blue Hair Dye

Coloring the hair blue can be one of the strange and also a 'brave' thing to do. The unconventional and a bit loud, 'blue' hair color could make you look odd in the crowd. However, for some of them, the blue color can go very well if they have the right attitude and look to sport it.

Process of dyeing the hair blue and information about different blue hair dye products available in the market are given below.

How to Dye the Hair Blue

The following instructions would act as a guide in dyeing the hair blue. In the process of dyeing hair, the first step is to bleach the hair. Bleaching is necessary if one has to put a permanent blue hair dye. It is better to bleach the hair with the help of a professional. For temporary blue hair dye, hair bleaching is not needed.

The next step is washing out the bleach and drying. You need to follow the directions given on the pack of the hair dye product. Hair dye is never applied at the base/root of hair. One should start about ½ inch above the root and color them till the tips. Combing helps in spreading the color evenly. Massaging is also done in order to color each and every hair properly. Once the hair dye is evenly applied, a shower cap should be used to prevent it from spreading; one shouldn't remove the cap at least for the next 3 hours. Hair dyes with vegetable origin can be allowed to set for more than 3 hours. In fact, letting them to set overnight is perfectly fine. Generally, the blue color goes best with blonde hair. Blue hair dye for dark hair can turn it into complete black. More on dye dark hair.

Drying hair with a blow dryer helps the color to penetrate hair shaft. Thus, the color won't be washed out easily. After the drying process is over, vinegar should be used to rinse the hair; it helps in sealing color into the hair. The final step in this process is washing hair with cold water.

Blue Hair Dye Products

Few products which can be useful in dyeing the hair blue are described below.

Pialan Blue Hair Dye
This blue hair dye product can be used both by men and women. Available in cream form, the dye can be applied to hair in just 7-10 minutes. This blue hair dye can be used for the hair of scalp, beard and mustache as well. One shouldn't however, apply the Pialan blue hair dye to eyebrows or eyelashes. The chemical phenylenediamine present in this product might cause skin irritation. A single tube that is 0.25 oz in weight is priced at $10.

Ian Zachary Blue Permanent Hair Creme Dye
It is a permanent hair color cream which contains hydrogenated oil and other natural elements. This hair dye product has a creamy consistency, which offers a nice fragrance and is low in ammonia content. One can use this dye with the aid of heat in order to color white and gray hair which are known to be resistant to dyeing. The process of heating is also used for speeding up the hair dyeing process. A bottle of 100 ml of this blue hair dye is priced at $5.95.

Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Hair Dye
The special 'Amplified Formula' of 'Manic Panic Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Dye' is used for a long lasting effect. It is available in 4 oz. packs and priced at $14. One should pre-lighten the hair in order to get the best results. Bleaching helps in dyeing the color deeply. The resulting hair color after dyeing varies according to the texture.

This was a brief information about various blue hair dye products and process of applying the same. An important point to be noted is that one should take proper hair care even after the dyeing process gets over. 

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