Best Hair Styles for Various Facial Shapes

When going for a haircut at one of the Tampa beauty and hair salons, you should ask for a style that camouflages your facial flaws while enhancing your best features. There are specific hair styles that are recommended for each facial shape. A good hair stylist can then customize the hair style for you, updating it to reflect current trends. You may also ask to have your haircut enhanced with hair color, highlights, hair extensions or a keratin hair treatment. For guaranteed satisfaction, you can not go wrong at Salon Monaco in Tampa.

A round face looks wide horizontally, often with full cheeks. You can create the illusion of length to slim down your face. Your hair should, therefore, be long, definitely beyond chin length. The ideal proportion is to measure the length of your face and have that much hair hanging from your chin down. Layers at the sides of your face will create angularity. Parting your hair off center will distract from your facial roundness. Long asymmetrical side swept bangs will further camouflage wideness. Add volume and height at your crown for a more lengthening illusion.

A long face is often also narrow and has a high forehead. To diminish the length of the face, choose a medium length hair style that has layered volume at the sides to create the illusion of wideness. Your hair should reach midway between your jaw and your shoulders. Your crown should be smooth, with soft bangs to disguise your forehead. There is a misconception that short bobs and short bangs can balance out a long face but while they widen a round face they also ironically highlight the length of a long facial shape.

A heart shaped face is wide at the hairline but tapers to a pointy chin. You can balance your facial shape with a chin length bob that has fullness or layers at the sides of your chin. Although you need to slim down the top half of your face, avoid adding height at your crown because that will emphasize your pointy chin. Instead, ask for side swept bangs that fall softly to narrow down your hairline.

A square face has a strong angular jaw line. The width of the face is the same from the hairline to the jaw. To slim down the face create the illusion of length with long layered hair that is way past the chin. Volume and height at the crown also add to the lengthening illusion. Soft wispy bangs and layers at the sides of the face will soften your facial angularity. Adding waves or curls will add a softly rounded look. Avoid geometric cuts, long single length hair, chin length hair and a center part.

An oval face is considered the most ideal facial shape because of its balance and proportion. The center of the face is its widest point, often enhanced with prominent cheekbones. The hairline is rounded with the forehead just slightly wider than the chin. Almost any hair style can be worn if you have an oval face but you must still avoid creating the illusion of a long face which high volume hair styles often do. Your best hair style has one length. You can have wispy or blunt bangs.
You can always use a new haircut to look your very best. This is why a trip to one of the Tampa beauty and hair salons is something to look forward to. If you want a fail safe haircut as well as the best hair color, highlights, hair extensions and keratin hair treatments, make sure you go to Salon Monaco in Tampa.

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