Best Hair Removal Method

No matter who you are, it is quite possible that you have felt the need to remove some form of hair from your body at some point. At one time, shaving was the most popular method for hair removal. Today, the options are seemingly endless - and can sometimes seem confusing. Each method for removing unwanted body hair works differently, and each has its own benefits.

It is doubtful that body hair will ever be fashionable again. In the meantime, this information should help take some of the guesswork out of choosing a hair removal method.

Shaving - While shaving is an old fashioned method, it is tried and true. Some of the newest razors and creams deliver a smooth shave. People like shaving because it can be accomplished quickly, and there is no need to mess with chemicals or go to a salon to shave. If you’ve ever used a razor, then you are likely familiar with the drawbacks - you can cut yourself easily, and shaving is woefully temporary. Most people have to shave every day or two to stay smooth.

Sugaring - Sugaring can be painful, but most people who try it are happy with the results. If you have unwanted facial hair or like to keep your eyebrows neat, sugaring is an inexpensive process that only takes a professional beautician experienced in the method a few minutes to complete. If you like, you can have legs and bikini area sugared as well. Prices vary.

Waxing - Waxing is fast, but it hurts! Just like sugaring, this method removes hair from the follicle up. People who wax regularly like the fact that hair often grows in finer than before, and once you are used to the process it seems to hurt less. Whether you wax or sugar, you’ll need to come back every few weeks - some people can go as long as about six weeks between treatments. Whenever you use salon services for waxing or sugaring, be prepared to tip well. Beauticians like regular clients, and since these services can be quite intimate, you may be more comfortable once you get to know the person who is helping you get rid of that hair.

Creams And Depilatories - Creams and depilatories are great if you don’t have sensitive skin. They do smell bad, and if you have long hair, be sure to put it up out of the way before you go after your armpits. Depilatory creams remove hair by dissolving it, and you certainly do not want to get any in hair you want to keep. They are inexpensive, and work in just a few minutes. Results tend to last about a week or two.

Electrolysis - Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal method that must be performed by a professional. It can be expensive, but it kills hair follicles, which prevents any hair from growing back. Complete electrolysis can cost upward of two thousand dollars, and needs to be done in several short sessions. This can take months, but once you’re finished there is no need to mess with any creams or worry about shaving.

Laser Hair Removal - This popular method for getting rid of unwanted hair must be performed by a professional - it is not something you can do at home without special equipment. Just like electrolysis, it destroys hair follicles. It can be uncomfortable, and it is relatively expensive - at least a thousand dollars depending on your location. Complete laser hair removal takes at least five sessions, which need to be conducted about once a month

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