3 Rules for Matching Shirts and Ties


Matching your shirt and tie can be a little tough. While it’s a no-brainer to match your most basic shorts ad ties, if you like to branch out into trendy colors, that’s where the problem can begin.
Here’s a study guide to get you on the fast track for matching your shirts and ties:
Work with Dominant Colors

Always choose the shirt first! It’s a lot easier to work with a plain background to gain confidence. Get a tie that picks up the main color in your shirt, like this shirt and tie set from Brooks Brothers.
Follow the Check Rules

If you want to wear one of the checked shirts for spring, choose a smaller check on your shirt than what’s on your body. Using rule #1 as your guide, you can choose a tie that repeats the main color in your shirt for extra matching power. This J. Crew shirt in blue works well with a larger checked tie with similar colors.
Vary Patterns for Maximum Impact

If you have mastered the first two parts, then this is where you’ll get to experiment. If the colors are right and the patterns don’t compete, you can match lots of unexpected combinations. Make sure that one pattern is larger than the other, and try matching tiny stripes like those in this Brooks Brothers shirt with an overstated tie.
Don’t be afraid to try combinations that you haven’t worn before! Dig through your closet and try to discover new ways to wear what you’ve got.

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