Gangsta style tattoos

Gangsta style tattoos Gangsta style tattoos

Here is a bit about the culture and art of the Tattoo world, mainly gangsta style hard looking tattoos. Don’t worry. This wont hurt a bit.

The latest trend in America are gangsta style tattoos. Tattoos have always been used as a a way to recognize members in a specific gangs. Gang members use tattoos for many different reasons. For one it looks tough and mean. These tattoos may include one or more symbols that has been adopted as something unique to identify its members.

Some will have their name tattooed in large bold letters so that rival members will be intimidated. Such gangsta style tattoos are especially found on gang members who have done some time in prison.

The gangsta style tattoos are done in shades of black and gray only. This style originally came from the prisons of America. It was kind of hard to get colored ink in jail. When several tattooists saw the black and grey work they realized that there was great artistic potential in taking it on and using it in actual tattoo shops and not just prisons. To them, these gansta tattoos are pleasing to the eye or mind. These tattoo artists have developed the refined, detailed style that has become so well known and favored these days.

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