Celebrity’s Tattoo Artist

Ed Hardy Brands have been worn by some of the famous A-list Celebrities such as David Beckham, Bradd Pitt, Carmen Electra, Paris Hilton, Usher, Snoop Dog, Janet Jackson, Missy Elliot, Hulk Hogan, Flavor Flav, Bobby Brown and more!

This American tattoo artist who has rocked the tattoo art on these famous Hollywood Celebrities has partnered up with Chrisitan Audigier, the French man who put Von Dutch on the fashion map! By blending Ed Hardy’s amazing tattoo art work into a high fashion line of clothing. The celebrities love his work so much they, they continue to wear not only his tattoo’s but, his works of art on his clothing line!

Another famous celebrity guest, Hollywood actor, Sylvester Stallone, 61shows off his Ed Hardy Tattoo!

Celebrity’s Tattoo ArtistCelebrity’s Tattoo Artist

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