Angelina Jolies Thailand Tattoos

Angelina Jolies Thailand Tattooscomposition is much more aesthetic and eyecatching. Strangely enough though i personally find this chaotic irregular compilation of deliberate body markings that tell a story of the changes in life and attitude that happen to us on our life's journey to be extremely attractive and sexy, as well as what i call a "real tattoo" - meaning that the person who doesnt dare to get a small tattoo first , rather waits to get the perfect body suit with a preconcieved perfection thought out to completion before ever having gone under a needle (and there are many followers of fashion these days who de exactly that), does not really wish to be marked with the scars of change and remembrance as well as being tattooed reminders of our secret codes of conduct. The person who has the perfect tattoo as the first one is a fashion follower, not a tattoo fan.. a tattoo fan cannot resist the impulse on a whim to mark oneself as a rite of passage from one inner change to the next... Angelina, is obviously an authentic person in an enviroment that ios full of plasticity, backstabbers, papparazi and other such unenlightened mindsets. I have seen here interviewed and it was obvious that she was innerly laughing at the whole plastic hype and i am sure she almost breaks her ribs laughing at the synthetic hollywood enviroment.

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