Angel Tattoo

Angels are the guardians of souls and are divine beings but have been shown to be fallible and prone to sin, particularly pride. One of the best known examples of a 'fallen angel' is Satan.

The meaning of angels and their appearance have varied throughout history. Artists have depicted angels as winged creatures, usually beautiful figures suffused in light, wearing white robes, floating on a cloud, sometimes in human form or as an angelic 'symphony from the heavens'.

Beautiful angel wings tattoo on girls back.

In Catholicism guardian angels are believed to be intelligent spiritual creatures assigned to care for and protect every person on earth. Each person has a guardian angel assigned to them. These angels are to assist the person in attaining his eternal salvation.

Also, these angels protect groups of persons and nations. Others refer to these guardian angels as guiding spirits who control or guide and particularly help in personal safety.

Angel tattoos can look very sexy on females. Here is Amy Grenade with angel tattoo wings on her back and tattoos that depict heaven and hell...

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